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Following the international public debate on taxation and international tax structures in particular, Cofimo Middle East LLC changed its focus from assisting clients in setting up international tax driven structures to consulting ultra-high net worth individuals managing their companies and private affairs. During this transition, it became clear that not only international clients need high end and independent advice, but also owners of companies that are based in the United Arab Emirates or clients that want to invest in the United Arab Emirates.

The concept of a company office with several staff was left behind. Cofimo Middle East LLC works completely independent and depending the wishes and needs of a client selects several professionals ad hoc for a particular project. These projects can be optimising a corporate structure to attract non-banking finance, assisting a company or owner with international expansion or expansion in the United Arab Emirates or acting as a member of a family office. Confidentiality and transparency are essential whereby Cofimo Middle East LLC insists on a fair amount of control to be able to keep the ‘helicopter view’.

Cofimo Middle East LLC as a newly branded and innovative advisory boutique firm coordinates audits and accounting, finance (banking and non-banking), recruiting including arranging visa and/or passports, estate planning, investment management, corporate restructuring, the setup of companies and trusts including sharia’ compliant trusts, finding suitable business partners, strategic analysis, optimising financial structures, international real estate investment and real management, family offices, litigation both civil and criminal.

Cofimo Middle East LLC excels in complex situations and exclusively works with senior and highly qualified professionals that gained their experience through high profile engagements in Europe and the Middle East and without exception are entrepreneurs and business owners at the same time. Being based in the United Arab Emirates and having footholds in the rest of the world, Cofimo Middle East LLC gained extensive experience with international and cross-border financial structures, including but not limited to multiple offshore regimes.

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